• Book 1: Outlining 100% 100%
  • Book 1: First draft 100% 100%
  • Book 1: Revision rnd 1 35% 35%
  • Book 2: Outlining 100% 100%
  • Book 2: First draft 100% 100%
  • Book 2: Revision 20% 20%
  • Book 3: Outlining 80% 80%
  • Book 3: First draft 30% 30%
  • Book 3: Revision 0% 0%

Rono’s Debt

I wrote this story in 2018, reworked it in 2019 for a contest I never submitted to, and now decided to put the story on here rather than keep it hidden away in a drawer.

In this 7-minute-read, you meet Rono, who is an outlaw and a highwayman, robbing people for a living. But one day he encounters a foe he will not fight: a unicorn that looks as though it’s come out of the underworld.

Read the story here (1300 words).

The Draugr

In this short story, an undead man travels a lifeless country with only an undead horse for company. When they find a new valley, they decide to explore. But a ghost ship on the fjord stirs age-old memories, and the draugr begins to regret he ever steered down that steep mountain path.

Book cover: A Discovery of Writers The Draugr is part of an anthology comprised of 38 stories on the theme of Discovery. Contributing authors are members of the online community The Write Practice and acquaintances.

Read my story here (2350 words), or if you are curious about the other 37 stories, follow these links to buy the whole anthology in paperback format or as a Kindle ebook, at Amazon US, Amazon UK, or any other Amazon service of your choice.
All proceeds go to charity.

An orange tabby cat


This story was part of Short Fiction Break’s 2017 Fall Writing Contest.

Fiona finds a mysterious cat on her balcony, and soon her lonely life takes a new direction.
Read the story here (1350 words) or on Short Fiction Break.