The Siemna Trilogy

  • Book 1: Outlining 100% 100%
  • Book 1: First draft 100% 100%
  • Book 1: Revision rnd 1 35% 35%
  • Book 2: Outlining 100% 100%
  • Book 2: First draft 100% 100%
  • Book 2: Revision 20% 20%
  • Book 3: Outlining 80% 80%
  • Book 3: First draft 30% 30%
  • Book 3: Revision 0% 0%

The Siemna Trilogy is an epic fantasy trilogy. The story starts out with seventeen year old Veyath, who wakes up naked on a city square with no memories. He learns he has been one of the despotic Children, who rule society by way of magic. Upon turning seventeen, he has been been stripped of his powers and banished from the palace, to find himself clueless, alone, and lost, in a cruel, harsh world. Soon, he also discovers that reality itself is breaking apart.

I have now finished the first draft of book 1 and 2 and am a good ways into the drafting of book 3. 

Covid and the death of my grandfather in May 2020 took a heavy toll on my productivity. I was basically delayed by a full two years in my work on book 2. I hope to now finally be back on track, but I’ve had setbacks before, so I take nothing for granted.