I’m Antonia Juel, a writer of fantasy and related genres. With one foot in Sweden, one in Norway, I draw on the rich storytelling traditions of Scandinavia and northern Europe.

I’m currently revising my first and second fantasy novels and have started writing the third in what will become a trilogy.

Rono’s Debt

New short story up here on my website!

In this 7-minute-read, you meet Rono the highwayman, who robs people for a living. But one day he encounters a foe he will not fight: a unicorn that looks as though it’s come out of the underworld.

Read the story here.

One of my stories has been published in an anthology on the theme of Discovery.

My contribution is named The Draugr and ties back to both Norse mythology and Norwegian lore. The story is set in a folk-tale Norway where a plague has ravaged the country and a never-ending winter has settled on the lands.

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